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Month: November 2022

Fxith X Hxpe Pick Their Poison: The Toad from ‘Five Deadly Venoms To Shoot Rap Video with Duo

Long-time Hong Kong martial arts movie fan Fxith AKA Kyle Logan got to meet one of his idols, Shaw Brothers kung fu star Lo Mang. Kyle gifted the ‘Five Deadly Venoms’ star a Fxith X Hxpe hoodie, and discussed classic Hong Kong kung fu movies and an upcoming music video project.

Fxith X Hxpe Blow the Speakers at Sound Department

Calvin and Kyle lifted the roof off Central’s Sound Department Club, delivering a set of new and old material to a packed house. The event was promoted by BlocPartyGroup, and brought together a killer line-up of Hong Kong-based rap and hip-hop artistes.

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