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  • No H4te

    The first track off the long-awaited new album, ‘Sacrosanct’ is ‘No H4te’, a cool summer jam about star-crossed love. The song name-checks Danny Rand, AKA the Marvel superhero Iron Fist, and Hong Kong movie superstar Jackie Chan.

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  • Guide Me Through

    Fxithxhxpe show their kinder, gentler side, a new track that has already been chosen by Spotify to feature on one of their curated Playlists.

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  • Say Less

    ‘Say Less’ conveys the frustrations felt by FxithxHxpe, and many young people, during the long, hot Hong Kong days in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown.

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Who's Fxith x Hxpe

Fxith x Hxpe are Hong Kong’s hottest homegrown Eurasian rappers, 
a pair of twins raised to the multi-cultural beat of Asia’s most exciting city.
With their first EP COD3-RSD catching flames on Spotify and their explosive live performances expanding their local fanbase,
these mixed race MCs are bound for global stardom.

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