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No H4te

  • 2022
  • PG-13

The first track off the long-awaited new album, ‘Sacrosanct’ is ‘No H4te’, a cool summer jam about star-crossed love. The song name-checks Danny Rand, AKA the Marvel superhero Iron Fist, and Hong Kong movie superstar Jackie Chan. “The lyrics for this track are quite raw,” observes Calvin/Fxith, “but the melody is very mellow. It’s a nice balance.” The Youtube audio of the track features stylized manga images of the twins. “When we do this one live, we really amp it,” says Kyle / Hxpe. “It also mentions the fact that we’re Eurasian, which is part of our brand, something that makes us unique.” Fxith X Hxpe have already shot a music video for this track.

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