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Month: April 2022

FxithxHxpe boogie on by the Big Buddha on second stage of ‘Eurasian’ video shoot

FxithxHxpe hit Hong Kong’s Po Lin Monastery with director Aakarsh Bhatnagar to film the second day of their ‘Eurasian’ music video shoot. The monastery features one of Hong Kong’s most distinctive landmarks, The Big Buddha, which provided a stunning backdrop for the clip.

Fxithxhxpe preach ‘No H4te’ in video shoot with Ukrainian director Anna Savelyeva!

Fxith and Hxpe hit the skateboard park to shoot a new music video for “No H4te” with Hong Kong based director Anna Savelyeva. The clip was shot at the Kwai Fong skate park, with local skateboarders tricking in the background.

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