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Month: September 2022

Rock Out For Dopeonesnft with DJ Crystal

Calvin and Kyle took one small step into the crypto zone when they met the movers and shakers of Dopeonesnft in Hong Kong’s Soho district. The guys demoed a couple of tracks with top local MC DJ Crystal, who is already a local hip-hop legend, including their club hit ‘Eurasian’.

Fxithxhxpe get ‘Vandalised’ by UK fan!

Newcastle-based Chris Evans (not the Captain America guy!) is a super fan of Fxithxhxpe, whom he first met on a visit to Hong Kong. As a project to show his support for the guys, Chris has remixed a dozen of their songs under the title ‘Vandalised’.

Fxithxhxpe Looking For Love To ‘Guide Me Through’ Their New Single

Fxithxhxpe show their kinder, gentler side with ‘Guide Me Through’, a new track that has already been chosen by Spotify to feature on one of their curated Playlists. “This is a song about someone who has found the person they feel is the love of their life,” says Calvin / Fxith, “and then has to live without them.” ‘Guide Me Through’ was produced by locally based rap prodigy JJ who, though still in his teens, has already proved his chops as a mixer. The anime-style lyric video for the track was edited by Isaiah Nocedo, and the cover art was created by Taia.

Legendary Hong Kong Director Vincent Kok Visits

Vincent Kok Tat-chiu is one of Hong Kong’s best-loved comedy directors, and a long -time collaborator of the great Stephen Chiau, for whom he directed the classic ‘Forbidden City Cop’. Vincent also made the Jackie Chan hit ‘Gorgeous’, and is a well- known OG on the Hong Kong club and hip hop music scene. He hung out with Kyle (AKA Hxpe) at the boys Kwai Fong studio and shared tales of the famed Hong Kong rap acts LMF and 14Herbs. Naturally, Vincent was delighted to get his designer Fxithxhxpe hoodie, and here’s hoping the guys can collaborate in the near future!

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